Some of the most common parts to wear and tear in any vehicle are the steering components. The steering of all vehicles are made up of many joints and bushings, when changing your tyres its always a good idea to ask the fitters to give the steering components a quick check for play or movement when the car is in the air.


The track or tie rod end ensures the front wheels work properly. A track rod end looks like a small rod with a ball joint connection at the end. At one end the track rod ends are connected to the tie rods, which are in turn connected to the steering rack. In general the track rod ends at each side of the vehicle will be different.

If the tie rod ends become worn, you will notice play on your steering wheel. The wheels will be less aligned thereby potentially causing your car to shimmy. When replacing your track rod ends it is therefore of the utmost importance that they are well adjusted to ensure your car is well aligned on the road. A badly adjusted track rod end can lead to premature wear of your tires, uncertain and dangerous movements of the vehicle or even to an unbalanced front axle.