Our Services


We have been asked for many years to do mechanical work for people and now with our new outlet in Newrath we have the space to provide a quality service so we have hired a fully qualified mechanic with 20yrs experience and are supplying and fitting steering parts and replacing brake pads etc. Call for more details.


The wheel alignment of any modern vehicle is very important for many reason, when set correctly it will make sure the vehicle drives in straight line when on an even or flat road. Most importantly the wheel alignment should be checked to prevent uneven wear to the shoulders of the tyres on your vehicle, which can often lead to the customer having to replace tyres more frequent. Your wheel alignment can be put out of line by pot holes, or hitting kerbs too fast. Tyre pressure should also be check before alignment.


As the name suggests, wheel balancing is the adding of weight to a wheel to make the wheel rotate in an even and perfect revolution. When wheels are not balanced the steering will vibrate at different speeds. This is very simple process with the correct equipment and should be done when any new tyres are been fitted to a vehicle. Often as tyres become half worn they will need to be balanced again as the overall weight has changed.


We repair all tyres to EU standards, using the correct equipment. Puncture repairs are only recommended to be done to the flat surface of the tyre, it is not recommended to the corners or side walls of the tyre. We also do not recommend using any plugging systems to tyres used on public roads.


We run a 24 hour call out service for our CUSTOMERS. We have presently 3 mobile units providing a fast and efficient breakdown service covering the Waterford and South Kilkenny regions.