Lawnmower & ATV Tyres

We carry one of the largest ranges of implement tyres in the South-east.

lawnmower4Lawnmower Tyres

There are many types of ride on lawnmower tyres, to suit every customers needs.

For those who are cutting the family lawn to those who are looking after the finest Golf coarses .

For more information call us to make your lawnmower is getting the best finish it can.



atvATV Tyres

If you want to get the best out of your quad, then you’d better think seriously about tyres. Your ATV can only perform to its optimum when fitted with suitable tyres inflated to the correct pressures.

Selecting an inappropriate tread-pattern or failing to monitor the condition of your rubber seriously restricts your machine’s ability to grip and turn.Without decent tyres, power equates to wheel-spinning and uncontrolled slides.


wheelbarrowWheelbarrow tyres

We have a large stock of wheel barrow tyres & tubes. Puncture proof tyres also now available.