Ronal R50 Aero BPS

Ball polished surface

New for 2014

The R50 AERO polished offers impressive features with its cult spokes for brake cooling, its unmistakable enclosed shape and – as the name suggests – its aerodynamics. This classic is now also available with a high-quality fully polished surface and no logo. Thus a contemporary version of the cult is therefore being continued into the third millennium. The cult wheel R50 AERO polished is available in sizes 7.5×16″ and 8.0×18″.

If your looking not just to be one of the crowd if you plan on standing out from the rest the new BPS finish will give you this look. Many people over the past few years asked us could they get the wheel without the writing on the face and like many other Ronal dealers we kept asking the question and this is there very effective answer. The New Ronal R50 Aero polished.