RONAL R10 turbo

Sizes Available: 7×15”


Black – front diamond cut

The R10 TURBO cult wheel is an alloy wheel characterized by its especially sporty character. The RONAL racing wheel was designed in 1978 as a secret project and celebrated its debut at the 1000 km race at the Nürburgring. In 1983 RONAL began to modify the coveted RONAL RACING wheel for the demands of the road. To achieve the optimum functionality, the masterpiece was executed as a one-piece aluminum cast wheel with easy-clean bright turned outer face. The engraved legend switched from “RACING” to “TURBO”. The new name stood for the radial spokes, which ensured particularly good brake cooling on the inside of the wheel. Current vehicles can also be equipped with the new R10 TURBO, which was presented in 1999.