Uniroyal Rainexpert

The RainExpert is the perfect choice for compact cars. For greater safety in the rain with high economy—the best recommendation for everyone who drives a compact class car.

  • the expert for short stopping distances on wet and dry roads
  • the long-life expert
  • the anti-aquaplaning expert






  • Feature: Double-concave shaped grooves and increased groove volume in the tread centre.
  • Effect: Avoids water turbulences in the grooves and substantially improves water dispersion.
  • Benefit: High aquaplaning protection.


  • Feature: Directionally-inclined sipes in the tyre shoulders and tread centre.
  • Effect: Improved support for the lug halves during braking and thus increased longitudinal tread stiffness.
  • Benefit: Short braking distances on wet and dry roads.