Michelin Latitude Cross

Michelin Latitude Cross


Michelin has launched the new Latitude Cross, a 4×4 tyre specifically designed for drivers who want the safety, comfort and handling of a road tyre but with the ability to go off-road when required. As a result, the new tyre achieves excellent results in areas of performance that were previously irreconcilable.

The Michelin Latitude Cross provides the same traction on loose ground as an off-road tyre. Its ability to grip in mud and offer traction in difficult driving conditions is comparable to that of an all-terrain tyre.

At the same time, the Michelin Latitude Cross offers the same driving comfort as a road tyre, even though it is intended for combined use – 65% on-road and 35% off-road. In tests it was shown to be as quiet as the Michelin Latitude Tour HP; a tyre designed for 90% road use and renown for its smooth, comfortable ride*.

The new Michelin Latitude Cross has a rugged, heavily siped tread pattern. Whether on mud, dirt tracks or wet grass, the tyre grips, holds and provides traction like a top-of-the-range all-terrain tyre.

To ensure high levels of driver and passenger comfort, the tread blocks are arranged to reduce road noise, and in this respect the Latitude Cross represents a significant advance over the previous-generation tyre – the Michelin 4×4 Synchrone**.

The rubber in the tread was developed from technology that has proven its worth in earthmover tyres – Michelin’s Terrain-Proof compound, which offers enhanced abrasion-resistance for a longer tyre life; an area of performance synonymous with Michelin tyres.

To achieve these results, Michelin used the full capabilities of its research and development teams. The goal was to overcome the inherent difficulties in combining on-road and off-road performance. That goal has now been achieved, thanks to Michelin’s advanced, innovative solutions.
The new tyre is available in 24 sizes to fit 15” to 18” rims.