Alot of people once they hear or read made in China they wont buy, but there is sometimes an exception to the rule and i think we’ve found one in Jinyu. Unfortunately we the name is a give away that is of Asian decent, but when we tested the product we found Jinyu ticked alot more boxes than many of the other Chinese tyres on the market.

First off the there wasn’t usual constent road noise that many people who buy budget or economy tyres have to endure. On a dry road the Jinyu holds the road quite well, and it again performs well in wet conditions. Now i hate to burst your bubble if you believe from reading this that a Jinyu is going to sub in for a Pirelli etc for far less money, but if your looking for a top level tyre that performs in all conditions at high speeds i’m sorry but you’ll have to dig a little deeper in your pocket for a top of the range tyre.

More up points for the Jinyu product is its extensive tyre range, in car, van, 4×4 & truck. The importer of the tyre into Ireland keep a huge stock which elliminates the problem of a shortage of replacement tyres if a customer is unfortunate to need a tyre prematurely.