Hankook ventus prime2

Ventus Prime2

Ventus Prime2 is leading edge technology developed using a bionic oriented pattern design (Jaguar’s tooth shape) to secure optimum grip.

‘GripTech’ technology is applied to Ventus Prime2 for Premium Performance and it helps to maximize wet handling and braking performance.


Ventus Prime2 features & construction

  • Triple-radius profile that maintains maximum grip at top speed or during sharp turns on the wet conditions

  • Triple-radius profile that maintains maximum grip in wet condition

  • New Generation Silica Compounding Technologies improve both fuel efficiency and wet performance.

  • Jaguar’s Tooth Shape Design to Secure Optimum Grip
    When accelerating and cornering, optimum shoulder grip is maintained by using Jaguar’s tooth shape design. This feature allows for better handling in all driving conditions.

The Ventus Prime 2 is available in standard and runflat, the prime 2 is available in more than 25 different sizes. At Tom Geraghty Tyres we offer the full range of Hankook tyres to our customers