Borbet CC Black

Sizes Available:

Design CC (New)


Inch Size: 16, 17 – black glossy black glossy

7,0 x 16
coming soon
7,0 x 17
coming soon

Black seems to be the in colour with lots of customers so Borbet have given the design CC alloy wheel a thick coat of black. This rich coat of black gives added depth to the this already popular design & is also available for light commercial vehicles and people carriers.  The powerful wheel design is perfectly suited to high wheel loads and transmits the power onto the road. Vehicles such as the VW Multivan are optimally equipped with the CC wheel as they are available in the series dimensions 7×16 and 7×17.

 It is not necessarily the case that heavy loads and a stylish design match. Both are skilfully combined in the new CC wheel design however.  After the crystal silver colour has already proven how popular it is, BORBET is impressively enhancing the dynamic look of the CC design with the black glossy colour.