Lawnmower Tyres
The tractor lawnmower is another 4 wheeled vehicles which is part of the modern families life. It's a vehicle that picks up probably more punctures than our car or SUV and people find the tyres rot on them rather than wear out. At Tom Geraghty tyres we carry all popular size lawnmower tyres in stock.

Slick Tyre

Another specialised tyre for commercial lawnmowers, the slick tyre is often used on green mowers to prevent damaged caused when turning or in maneuvers.

Golf Buggy Tyre

Golf Buggy are a specialised tyre that will not mark or damage fairways or short grass areas. There is many manufacturers making buggy tyres, if you'd like a price for you buggy call us today.

Turf Lawnmower tyre

The turf pattern tyres is the most popular used on family lawnmowers