Lawnmower & ATV Tyres

Lugged implement tyre

LUGGED IMPLEMENT TYRES This is a specialised tyre often used on gang mowers and similar agri. equipment. We have also found this tyre to be very popular for kids buggies /

Kenda Speed Racer

Kenda's tyre for the road racer

Kenda Scorpion

Kenda Scorpion K290 Ideal choice for riders seeking knobby performance at a low price Good match for the Front Max Lightweight 2-ply rated casing

Kenda Executioner

The tyre for the extreme off-roader

Kenda Klaw XC

The Klaw XC is Kenda's original cross-country ATV tire

Kenda Bearclaw Evo

Bearclaw EVO The evolution of the original gold-standard Bearclaw is finally here. With a priority on reducing weight, without sacrificing durability, the newest Bearclaw has raised the bar

Kenda Bearclaw HTR

Bearclaw HTR K587 Kenda’s all new 'Bear Claw HTR'. The successor to the very popular Bear Claw K299 was designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern day ATV. 8-pl

Kenda bear claw

The original bear claw is a complete animal

Slick Tyre

Another specialised tyre for commercial lawnmowers, the slick tyre is often used on green mowers to prevent damaged caused when turning or in maneuvers.

Golf Buggy Tyre

Golf Buggy are a specialised tyre that will not mark or damage fairways or short grass areas. There is many manufacturers making buggy tyres, if you'd like a price for you buggy call us today.

Turf Lawnmower tyre

The turf pattern tyres is the most popular used on family lawnmowers

Heavy Duty 400x8

We get many customer who are having puncture problems with there standard wheelbarrow tyres, so we often recommend this particular heavy duty tyre to help there situation. This heavy duty 400x8 i