Brock Wheels
Efficient technologies, innovative production cycles and advanced qualities. Inspire yourself for our Brock & RC alloy wheels. Our current Brock & RC design range of wheels currently offers over 90 different alloy wheels. In sizes from 14 to 22 inches mostly in the different color variants.

Brock B33

BROCK B33 DOUBLE SPOKE DESIGN: AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS FINISHES The Brock B33 offers the discreet sports appeal in graceful twin-spoke look. A stylish design, which is characterized by the e

Brock B32 Polished grey

BROCK B32 10 SPOKE WHEEL : FINISHED IN POLISHED GRAPHITE At first glance, the Brock B32 light-alloy wheel looks simple, but the inboard center of the rim and the slightly angularly bent s

Brock B40

BROCK B40 Y SPOKE DESIGN : FINISHED IN MATT GREY The new light alloy wheel B40 is characterized by its distinctive character and a sportive finesse. The striking